What is a Japanese Compulsory Insurance inspection?

Shaken is a compulsory vehicle inspection check that must perform on your car – car registration. Without a valid shaken it is illegal to drive your car. If you buy your car new in Japan you don’t need to do you shaken until the car is 3 years old, however for older cars, it is required every 2 years.

During your shaken inspection, the service center will check and make sure that no repairs need to be done and the car is in good working order. Some test might include:

1) Exterior
The vehicle must meet Japanese exterior regulations and not have illegal exterior modifications, such as extreme body kits that increase the exterior dimensions.

2) Wheel Alignment
The vehicle’s wheels must be in-line and able to turn correctly

3) Speedometer Inspection
The vehicle’s speedometer must be accurate

4) Headlamp Inspection
The vehicle’s headlights must be correctly placed and aligned

5) Brake Inspection
The vehicle’s brakes must work correctly

6) Exhaust Gas/Muffler Inspection
Tests carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions along with exhaust noise level

7) Undercarriage Inspection
Inspects suspension parts and checks for rust

Should a car not meet any of the test standards, repairs must be made before carrying out the inspection

Shaken renewal in TOCHIGI/IBARAKI – Same day pick up and delivery.